• Texas State Parks on the Air Event April 8th and 9th

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    http://tspota.org/index.htm  Texas State Parks on the Air Event April 8th and 9th. We will be camping at and activating Lake Whitney State Park, just a little west of Hillsboro.  A friend and I were on the repeater talking about our camping plans when another ham chimed in, and then another, and then another.  At...

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    February’s General Meeting

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    With our new club year beginning in March, we are excited to have coming on February 21@7PM, Tom General KE5ICX past president of DARC.  Tom brings with him a wealth of knowledge of events and activities for amateur radio clubs.  We are pleased that he will be giving a motivation presentation of what works...

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    General Class License Course

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    Announcing the Spring 2017 Southwest Dallas County Amateur Radio Club “General Class” amateur radio license course. The purpose of this course is to help interested individuals upgrade their “Technician Class” license to “General Class”.  Morse code is currently NOT a requirement. The class will be held at the First United Methodist Church of Red...

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    January’s General Meeting, Jan 17

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    Maurice Martin (KM5RF) will be our special speaker for January 17 at 7pm. He will be giving us a presentation on Ufer tower grounding, lightning suppression, proper ground rod installation, and station grounding. He has quite a few hands on items that he will pass around and explain the purpose of each in multiple installations, as...

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    November’s General Meeting

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    Our speaker for November 15th will be Jonathan Brandenburg. He is currently a professor at UTD and active in the DFW area Raspberry Pi user group. He owns a drone education and consulting company, has his pilot license, is an FAA certified advance ground instructor, recently obtained an FAA certificate to fly commercial unmanned...

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    The Chili Social After Action Report

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    The October General meeting and Chili Social was enjoyed by all who attended.  A special “Thank You” to each person who brought chili, cheese, chips, beans, salad, and etc.  Oh yes, and we even had some yummy deserts!  On the Monday Net, Ben (K5NEB) said that his cookies didn’t turn out good.  Well, by...

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    Ham Radio Elmers

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    When I began my ham radio journey I was looking for elmers.  I was interested in building things, HF, and CW.  Russ Thompson (KX5G) was one of the first to help.  He gave me a power supply (that I still use).  I also met up with John Langridge (KB5NJD) who helped me configure a...

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    Annual Chili Cookoff and Fellowship

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    SAVE THE DATE!!      OCTOBER 18, 2016 SWDCARC  CHILI  SOCIAL  AND  COOKOFF WINDSOR PARK BAPTIST CHURCH          Pleasant Run Rd. and Westmoreland     6:00 pm-8:00 pm                                                                           Chili mild, Chili Hot, Chili Hot n’ Spicy, Chili meaty, Chili with Beans, Vegetarian Chili, Chili, Chili Chili!!! Some like it without beans, some like it...

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    Amateur Radio Parity Act

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    The Amateur Radio Parity Act Has Passed in the House! Amateur Radio history was made on September 12, when the US House of Representatives approved the Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301. The wording directs the FCC to enact rules prohibiting the application of deed restrictions that preclude amateur radio communication on their face or...

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    My First Field Day: An Essay

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    … aaand that’s pretty much how I felt at my first field day! I was totally the new kid at school. Before, I only THOUGT I had a lot to learn. Now, after field day, I KNOW I have a lot to learn. From Jerry’s (KB6OJE) most patient tutelage at the GOTA station to...

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    My First Experience on a Fox Hunt

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    Murphy’s Law isn’t just some metaphysical clap trap. As scientifically minded as we hams are, there comes a time when you have to throw it all out the window, close your eyes and point. And whatever choice you go with, just know – it’s gonna be wrong. Never mind that the odds *should be*...

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    Be Prepared!

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    This cautionary tale is not from our own Field Day but from our neighbors to the south, the Ellis County Amateur Radio Club. My buddy John Denson (AI6A) was in charge of their PSK31 station. He was ably assisted by his grandson, Taylor (KG5AOD) and Jerry Pomeroy’s grandson, Ryan. It was Saturday morning and...

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