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    When I began my ham radio journey I was looking for elmers.  I was interested in building things, HF, and CW.  Russ Thompson (KX5G) was one of the first to help.  He gave me a power supply (that I still use).  I also met up with John Langridge (KB5NJD) who helped me configure a number of home antennas and gave me my first set of paddles.  I think I must have sent John at least a thousand emails asking questions.  He politely responded to every single one of them.

    And yet. . . it wasn’t enough.

    My desire to learn could not be satisfied.  I turned to media of all kinds.  Books, blogs, podcasts, etc.  Over time I have cultivated a list of media I enjoy.  I thought I should share it.  If YOU are wanting to learn more and have worn out your actual Elmer, here are some places  you can learn a lot!


    Solder Smoke

    Dave Richards AA7EE




    Ham Nation


    Solder smoke Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics – Bill Meara

    Elements of Radio – Marcus and Horton  (This book is out of print, but you may find it at a ham fest.  I did.)

    Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur – Hayward and Demaw (Also out of print)

    Experimental Methods in RF Design- Hayward, Larkin, and Campbell (this book is the follow up to solid state design.  It also appears to be out of print.)

    The Handbook

    YouTube Channels:

    QRP School – I actually got to meet Cliff on an NPOTA activation this year

    WG0AT – Steve is the goat guy featured twice in QST this year.  He is often manning the Buddipole table at HamComm.

    QRP CW – I believe this guy is in Spain, but he always has interesting short videos

    And if you are looking for the Rocky Balboa Radio video — I think this is it.  The Rev. George Dobbs of GQRP fame talks about why QRP.

    So — If your new to radio and interested in building things or learning things, these are some resources to get you started.  Enjoy!







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