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    VE Testing

    VE Testing is usually offered on the third Tuesday of the month in DeSoto. In order to be sure that we have an adequate number of VE’s, we offer the tests by appointment only. If you are interested in coming to take any of the elements, please let us know by the weekend before.  The testing fee is $15, and you will need a picture ID, a calculator if you think you will need one, and copies of any CSCE’s you may have from successfully passing prior test elements. If you currently hold an active amateur license, you will also need a copy of it.

    We will be happy to administer the tests for you, just be sure to give us word the weekend prior.

    To request VE Testing, please click on the email link below:


    VE Testing e-mail: ve@swdcarc.org


    Join The Club

    We have a great club! Our members have enjoyed a variety of activities, many times assisting the community while employing the skills and knowledge gained in this great hobby! We invite you to join. Find the membership application on our downloads page.